Keynote speaker, JOSH CASTONGUAY is

the Chief Innovation Executive at Green Mountain Power, one of the most progressive utilities in the nation.



"We have a vision to use energy as a force for good that improves lives and transforms communities ... with integrated energy services that help people use less energy and save money, while continuing to generate clean, cost effective and reliable power."



Faculty, Sustainable Business, at the College of the Atlantic., will lead a workshop From Sustainability to Abundance on transitioning from thinking in terms of scarcity to thinking in terms of abundance. This alternative mindset has the ability to expand economic opportunity, spur innovation, and strengthen communities, ultimately benefiting what he dubs the “3 Ps”: people, profit, and the planet."

This exciting community summit will feature a keynote address  and exciting workshops that will inspire Mount Desert Islanders to join in our effort to create a clean energy future. Our keynote will highlight some of the most progressive ideas and new technology around micro-grids and off-grid solar battery storage while our workshops offer range of topics on all of ACTT's projects and a slpecial launch of Weatherize MDI. Here's a list of tentative workshops  ...

  • Can MDI Get All of Our Power from the Sun?
  • Weatherize MDI - Bulk Purchasing of Air Sealing, Insulation, Heat Pumps, and More
  • Climate Psychology - Engaging Minds and Hearts to Change the Planet
  • From Sustainability to Abundance - Changing our Mindset to Create the Future We Want
  • Tackling Single Use Plastics - Toward a Plastic Free Lifestyle
  • Sharing Best Green Business Practices
  • Take the 10% Challenge with a Few Lifestyle Changes
  • What a Free Solar Analysis of Your Business Can Do For You

We'll be involving youth in our presentations, and there will be plenty of music and food. Stay tuned for more info.

Thanks to our Growing List of Partners

  • Bar Harbor Community Farm
  • College of the Atlantic
  • College of the AtlanticCommunity Energy Center
  • Community School
  • Jackson Lab - Green Team
  • Mount Desert Regional School System

SNOW DATE: Sunday, February 11 - same time and place. Mark your calendars!