Building a Brighter Future: Stepping up to the Climate Change Challenge

2-Minute talk Descriptions


Marc Gousse, Superintendent of MDIRSS, will tell us about his vision and plans for solar energy and sustainability in the school district

Jim Wilson, of Isle au Haut Electric Power Co. will tell us how Isle au Haut is building it's own solar-powered smart energy microgrid for energy independence.

Katy Longley, EVP & COO at Jackson Lab, will talk about the lab's vision for addressing climate change and things they've done to conserve energy and reduce waste.

Josh Hurst, Josh Hurst Woodworking, will share his passion, success and vision for super energy efficient and green home building and renovations.

Julie Rosenbach & Troy Moon, Sustainability Coordinators for South Portland and Portland, are recording a 2-minute video for us about the sustainability progress and goals of two of Maine's biggest cities.


Rose Avenia of Bar Harbor Farm will tell us about their comprehensive commitment to energy independence and sustainable practices.

Sustainable MDI

Jeremy Dougherty, Manager of the Bar Harbor Inn, will talk about the big steps Witham Family Hotels are taking to transition away from single-use plastic.


Ella Izenour, Caroline Musson, Charlotte Partin, and Logan Wilbur will talk about their experience going from 8th graders doing a group science project to public speakers, ordinance writers and community leaders successfully advocating for plastic bag and styrofoam bans in Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor!

Irene Choi, MDI High School student and ACTT intern, will talk about why climate change action is so important to her and the leadership she's been taking to address it.

Emma Freudig, MDI High School, will talk about the presentation she and her classmates did on sea level rise to Janet Mills.