We are Mount Desert Island residents, businesses and municipalities working to achieve energy independence by 2030.

On June 15, just two months into our Solarize MDI campaign we reached our initial goal of contracts for 200 new kW of solar energy on MDI - the number needed to provide homeowners and businesses with the lowest tiered pricing. The number has since grown to 241 kW plus a 76 kW contract with the town Mount Desert which brings the total to 317 kW. This represents a 50% increase in the total solar capacity on the island!  We're saving customers over $60,000 on solar installs. New contracts for Solarize MDI are due July 15. Learn more and/or sign up for a free site visit with ReVision Energy.

Solarize MDI is a bulk purchasing program for MDI homeowners and businesses

Help us save you $1-$3,000 or more plus get a 30% tax credit. Click on the Solarize MDI logo above to learn more about the solar potential of your home or business, investing into a solar farm if your site is not desirable, and/or about energy efficient heat pumps ($500-750 rebates) powered by the sun to heat your home or water.


Sample System 6 kW

Sample system size: 6 kilowatts
Current electric bill ~ $95/month
Installation cost: $16,140
Federal tax credit: $4,842
System cost: $11,298
Potential Solarize MDI savings: $1,500 if we achieve our goal

Tier 5 Cost: $9,798 - once Solarize MDI hits 200kW total

25 year warranty and 30+ year life expectancy

More Affordable Than Your Electric Bill

Even if your electric bill of $95 stayed the same for the next 10 years (very unlikely) you would pay $11,400. Special financing is available to make your monthly payments comparable over a 10-12 year period. Enjoy free carbon free electricity for years afterwards!

Have a larger electric bill?  Save even more!
Are you a business owner?  With these low prices and accelerated depreciation, this is a very wise business investment.

Click Here to sign up for a free site visit

View Fox 22/ABC 7 News Coverage of the Solarize MDI Launch Event: Friday April 14

ACTT will see that Mount Desert Island meets its climate goals.

The 12 green states above and Puerto Rico have become members of the U.S. Climate Alliance and remain committed to achieving existing CO2 emission reduction goals. Officials from the 10 blue states and the District of Columbia pledged to follow the Paris Agreement but have not formally joined the alliance. Across the country, 274 cities and counting have signed on to the Mayors National Climate Action Agenda, which asserts their commitment to lowering emissions at the local level.


Clean energy is unstoppable.

National Geographic reported that climate progress could not be derailed by the U.S. pulling out from the Paris Agreement for six reasons—the first among them being that solar and wind have become more cost competitive than coal and now provide 10% of US electricity (read article).

ACTT Statement on the U.S. Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, June 1, 2017

"ACTT was disheartened by the announcement today from President Trump that he planned to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement signed by nearly every country on the planet last year. Regardless of this misguided, irresponsible decision, we will continue undaunted, toward our goal of energy independence for MDI by 2030. We recognize, as do the vast majority of Americans, that the reality and the dangers of climate change cannot be ignored and that it will take the actions of all of us to reduce the factors such as fossil fuel use and over-consumption that are driving these changes.

We are also cognizant that there are many more future jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency (solar today employs twice as many as coal) than in fossil energy (especially here on MDI!) and are working to realize those economic opportunities for MDI.  In the process, our communities, health, and quality of life benefit as well as our environment and climate. MDI residents, businesses, and municipalities are already “solarizing”, improving building energy use, reducing waste, looking to electric vehicles, eating more local food and less meat and dairy, etc. We hope that you will join with us to continue our mission made even more urgent by today's unfortunate announcement."

John Craigo and Ken Colburn, ACTT Board Members

Sierra Club Environmental Film Series Screens "From the Ashes", a 2017 Film About the Coal Industry, on June 24 at 2:00 p.m. at Reel Pizza

This National Graphics Documentary Film captures Americans in communities across the country as they wrestle with the legacy of the coal industry and what its future should be in this current political climate. From Appalachia to the West's Powder River Basin, the film goes beyond the rhetoric of the "war on coal" to present compelling and often heartbreaking stories about what's at stake for our economy, health, and climate. The film is being introduced by Doreen Stabinsky, Ph.D., professor of Global Environmental Politics at College of the Atlantic. Joe Blotnick, ACTT Coordinator, will share info on how MDI residents are working on a vision of clean energy.


Volunteers! Help us Thrive!

Hi!  I’m Jill Higgins and I’m doing some temporary project management and volunteer coordination with ACTT 10 hours a week over the summer.  I’m amazed and heartened by all that ACTT has accomplished since a group of concerned MDI citizens started it 16 months ago! See ACTT Progress Highlights
We have launched so many great sustainability projects - more than our small group of volunteers and part-time coordinator can manage!  Joe and the Board have been writing grant after grant to fund the hiring of project managers, We’ve received several grants in 2017,  but there’s intense competition for environmental grants right now - understandably.  Our work continues to depend heavily on committed active volunteers and private donors.  (We’ll be doing a crowd funding campaign soon.)
If you think you might like to do some volunteer work to help MDI become energy independent and environmentally sustainable by 2030 (or if you are already an ACTT volunteer), please give me a call at 413-320-9135 or email me.  I’d love to talk with you about what you have to offer and what you love to do and help you find the perfect volunteer role for you, that will be just as good for you as for ACTT’s mission.
Some of the fun projects we need help with are organizing the Winter Farmers’ Market; possible plastic bag and packaged water bans; working with towns on municipal building efficiency; climate change education in the schools and community; teaching and promoting composting and gardening; promoting bike trails and electric vehicles; working with island businesses to become designated “Climate Friendly Businesses”; posting flyers on a regular basis; and of course, fund raising!  We’re interested in exciting, creative ideas for fundraising, like big name concerts, film festivals, and other fun community events.  And if you have your own ideas for sustainability projects you’d like to lead, we’d love to help you get the word out and find supporters through out 1000+ email list, Facebook page, and website.  Together, we can achieve energy independence by 2030.  Let’s talk! - Jill Higgins






MDI Students selected as ACTT Summer Interns

Congratulations to MDI High School students Emily McCarthy and Ellie Bridgers who will become A Climate to Thrive's first student interns this summer! They will be working on distributing free LED bulbs to year-round families and a special creative project of their own most likely related to the impact of food choices on climate change.

The mentor for this ACTT Youth Catalyst Program, funded by the Stroud Foundation is Lyn Gatz, a Spanish and Yoga Teacher who has taught at MDI High School for many years. A former Peace Corps volunteer, Lyn has worked with many students on social and environmental issues and leads volunteer work trips to rural Guatemala.

Over 30 people attended an Open Houses in Seal Cove to see solar first hand and learn more about the Solarize MDI bulk purchasing program for solar PV.  For more information, call Jennifer at ReVision Energy: 207-589-4171 or email her at jalbee@revisionenergy.com

Over 30 people attended an Open Houses in Seal Cove to see solar first hand and learn more about the Solarize MDI bulk purchasing program for solar PV.

For more information, call Jennifer at ReVision Energy: 207-589-4171 or email her at jalbee@revisionenergy.com

Thanks to Bar Harbor Bank & Trust for their generous support of our Solarize MDI program and for offering special solar financing for new projects. Click the logo above for more information.

Do you enjoy passionate discussions about clean energy, local food systems, zero waste, public policy, new transportation?

Join one of our six committees to help create the future that you envision for your family, your grandchildren, and future generations.

Contact us at joe@aclimatetothrive.org to find out how you can help us reduce our carbon footprint on Mount Desert Island. 

A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) was started by Mount Desert Island residents who believe that moving our island towards energy independence will also lead to a thriving economy. We are committed to efforts that build MDI's local economy and make this island a leader in practices and policies that reduce our carbon footprint. Our projects, such as the ones featured above, will create jobs, preserve the beauty of this island and establish MDI as a resource and leader for communities around the world.

Listen to A Climate to Thrive Interview on WERU Talk of the Towns

Host Ron Beard discusses ACTT's vision of “energy independence by 2030" with Gary Friedmann, Chair, ACTT Advisory Board, and Joe Blotnick, ACTT Coordinator.  Anna Demeo, COA's Director of Energy Education and Management, calls in from the roof of Skip's Auto in Southwest Harbor while helping students install new solar panels. May 12, 2017

Click photo to see daily/monthly solar energy production and environmental contributions at the Bar Harbor Community Solar Farm

Click photo to see daily/monthly solar energy production and environmental contributions at the Bar Harbor Community Solar Farm

Check Out the Solar Potential of Your home


Click above to view the solar potential of your home or business on MDI. The above solar assessment web app was developed by COA student Wade Lyman based on simulations of annual solar incidence, including the effects of intermittent shading from adjacent topography, structures and trees throughout the year. This allowed for relatively precise, high resolution estimations of solar technology performance on every roof. It serves only as a first step in evaluating your site.

Positive News - Progress on Climate Change Action

Solar Employs 374,000 People In U.S., Electricity Generation, More Than Oil, Coal And Gas Combined