Committee Chair: Ruth Poland,


The Building Efficiency committee works to improve the energy performance of homes, schools, and municipal and commercial buildings on MDI. Such improvements include both the conservation of energy, through projects such as air-sealing and insulating buildings, and the more efficient production of heat by using mini-split heat pumps or wood pellet burners. Our goal is to help people save money on their utility costs while simultaneously reducing the island’s emission of greenhouse gases.


  • Improve the energy-efficiency of all buildings on the island.
  • Develop community awareness of utility costs and ways to mitigate them.
  • Support the transition to renewable fuel and electricity for homes, businesses and municipal buildings on MDI.

Current Projects

We’re leading a project with the League of Towns to gather baseline data on energy consumption in 40 municipal buildings and schools. This project will provide public access to information about energy use and the potential savings to be realized in our community buildings. This will lead to beneficial investments in energy efficiency and solar projects, bringing more jobs to the island and sending less money for sources of energy off-island. We are also ...

  • Collecting baseline data on housing stock and building efficiency needs on the island
  • Disseminating information on simple home-weatherization projects and local resources - watch for a schedule of information sessions!
  • Working with WindowDressers to promote and build heat-saving window inserts
  • Develop educational material

Read the notes from the Building Efficiency Meeting at January's launch event here. 

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