Building Efficiency Success

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October 2018: Partnered with Efficiency Maine to lead the LED Small Business Initiative that will cover ¾ of the cost of retrofitting light fixtures for Mount Desert Island small businesses

April 2018: Held a Design for Sustainability workshop for representatives of major employers, community and business leaders, and town officials reduce their energy use

January 2018: Launched Weatherize MDI in partnership with New England Energy Consulting with educational workshops and bulk purchasing of air sealing, insulation, and heat pumps. Nearly 80 free energy audits were done by May resulting in 19 weatherization contracts

March 2017: Distributed 2,500 LED bulbs to over 400 MDI families who will achieve net energy savings and reduced carbon emissions for MDI

February 2017: Created an Environmental Concerns Team at MDI High School to pursue student-led sustainability initiatives

Oct 2016: Launched the Municipal Energy Benchmarking Collaboration (MBEC) to track energy data in 40 public buildings and to identify ways to save energy and reduce carbon footprints