Committee Chair - Johannah Blackman,

If every citizen in the United States ate just one meal a week composed of locally grown, organic meats and produce, we would reduce our weekly national consumption of fossil fuel by 1 million barrels. - Barbara Kingsolver, Animal Vegetable Miracle


The Food Systems committee educates people about the connection between our many food choices and climate change, and is striving to create a food system for MDI – with a lower emissions footprint – that supports existing programs, establishes new programs, and ensures equal access to local and sustainable food options. Upcoming projects include an educational campaign, researching local composting options, and a large educational food event.

Current projects

  • Developing composting programs
  • Research a winter farmer's market.
  • Educational Climate Change Dinner Event for 2017
  • Develop gardener-to-land match program
  • Improving local agricultural ordinances

Read the notes from the Food System Group at the launch in January here.

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