Maine Municipal Plastic Ordinances 

Plastic Bags

  1. List of All Bag Bans in the U.S. as of September 20, 2018 (Forbes)

  2. Comparison of Maine Municipal Bag Ordinances

    a. Locally-generated spreadsheet   (Dick Atlee, XLS, 10/24)

    b. Ellsworth's table   (Asst. City Planner Steve Fuller, PDF, 10/15)

  3. Bath   (origarticle)

    a. "Bath Bags" -- Bath's program of providing reusable bags   (article)

  4. Belfast   (origarticle)

  5. Blue Hill   (origarticle)

  6. *Brunswick   (origarticle)

  7. Camden   (origarticle)

  8. Cape Elizabeth   (includes polystyrene ordinance; origarticle)

  9. Damariscotta   (origarticle)
    Damariscotta removed styrofoam from an ordinance originally designed to handle both bags and styrofoam.

  10. Ellsworth -- Sep 19 draft   (article)

  11. Falmouth [BagLaws]   (orig)

  12. Freeport   (origbaglawsarticle)

  13. Kennebunk   (origbaglawsarticle)

  14. Manchester   (origarticle)

  15. Newcastle   (bags/styrofoam; origarticle)

  16. Portland   (origarticle)

    a. FAQ   (orig)

    b. Sign   (orig)

  17. *Rockland   (origarticle)

  18. *Saco   (origarticle)

  19. *South Portland   (origarticle)

  20. Southwest Harbor   (origarticle)

  21. Topsham [BagLaws]   (origarticle)

  22. *Waterville   (proposed; origarticle)
    Waterville is interesting in that the mayor has opposed the ordinance, rejecting original requests to have it placed on the ballot (overcome by a petition campaign), and then, after it passed, using his own money to obtain a recount, which reversed the vote, based on a controversy over the role of Colby College students; now in the hands of the state Supreme Court.

  23. York   (origarticle)


  • main links are to local downloaded copies

  • "orig" provides a link to the original municipal source, in cases where it was locatable

    • "BagLaws" is a compendium of ordinances, referenced here in the case of ordinances for which I couldn't find the municipal source, or where its version differs from the municipal source

  • "article" is a link to a news article (or the town statement) about the passage of the ordinance

  • "*" denotes PDFs created from DOC files created by copy/paste where the original source was not downloadable -- e.g. interactive