MDI Plastic Initiative

1. Southwest Harbor Documents
Ordinances passed at Special Town Meeting, November 13, 2018

a. Ordinance Summary   (PDF, 11/13, DOC)

b. Single-Use Carryout Bag Ordinance   (PDF, as posted to town 10/26, DOC) -- passed 75 - 4

c. Polystyrene Foam Food Service Container Ordinance   (PDF, as posted to town 10/26, DOC) -- passed 73 - 4

d. Merchant Interview Form   (PDF, 9/22, DOC)

e. Plastic Food Service Alternatives v.02 draft   (PDF, 9/26, DOC)

2. Mount Desert Island (MDI) Documents

a. Plastic Facts   (PDF, 10/8, DOC)

b. Plastic Bag Ordinance Q&A   (PDF, 9/12, DOC)

c. Why Part With Plastic: short Q&A   (PDF, Mary Ann & Kate & Dick, 10/2, DOC)

d. Parting with Plastic events poster   (PDF, Jill, 9/15)

e. Parting with Plastic events poster   (PDF, Sydney, 9/18)

f. Parting with Plastic events half-sheet handout   (PDF, 9/15)

g. Reducing Plastic Waste   (Cary, PDF, 10/3, DOC)

3. Resources related to Plastic Alternatives

a. Sysco catalogs
(These catalogs, provided by Sysco, do not include prices, both include non-alternative plastics, products don't completely overlap)

  • Earth Choice Product Catalog
    Organized by material, sub-ordered by type; focused on 4R "reduce, reuse, recycle, renew" characteristics of each material; helpful 4R table of types

  • Pactiv Catalog
    Organized by type, sub-ordered by material; good description of materials; list of benefits for each material when first mentioned

  • Other products (short list)

b. Biomass Packaging catalogs

c. EcoDallas products & prices

4. MDI Plastic Project -- Four Southwest Harbor eighth-grade girls jumpstarting their town's effort and causing Southwest Harbor to be the lead MDI town in pursuing ordinances

a. Website

b. Slide presentation (PowerPoint, 14MB) -- presented to town Select Boards, the SWH 5/18 Town Meeting, and in the Bar Harbor, Northeast Harbor, and Tremont libraries.

5. Local Coverage   (Mount Desert Islander, unless otherwise specified)

a. Nov 22 -- Mt. Desert ordinances to be on May 2019 Town Meeting agenda   (online: screenlinkDOCPDF / original: imagePDF)

b. Nov 14 -- Passage of SWH ordinances   (online: screenlinkDOCPDF / original: imagePDF)

c. Oct 3 -- Northeast Harbor presentation announcement   (online: screenlink)

d. Sep 14 -- Announcement of fall presentations   (online: screenlink / original: imagePDF)

e. Aug 22 -- Charlotte Partin's Islesford creation (not strictly plastics)   (online: screenlink)

f. July 12 -- Joe Marshall's plastics cartoon

g. Jun 11 -- Pemetic students' Tremont select board presentation  (online: screenlinkDOCPDF / original: imagePDF))

h. May 10 -- Sustainable MDI restaurant kick-off meeting   (online: screenlink / original: imagePDF)

  • Havana's "press/review" blurb about the April 25 meeting

i. May 10 -- Pemetic students at SWH Town Meeting   (online: screen color / original: image b&w, PDF)

6. Maine Municipal Plastic Ordinances
A compendium of all current Maine ordinances, with links to both local copies and originals, as well as articles about their passage.