Municipal Energy Benchmarking

The Municipal Energy Benchmarking project will set the stage for reaching our goal of moving MDI closer to energy independence by 2030. It involves gathering baseline data on energy consumption in 40 municipal buildings and schools across the island and in nearby island communities.

Durlin Lunt, Town Manager of Mount Desert and Chairman of the League of Towns who approved the A Climate to Thrive benchmarking initiate is excited about ACTT's bold goal and ambitious timetable.

"This is a vision that we can all get excited about. If every building in this community were energy efficient, people would notice the economic impact immediately."

ACTT will serve as a liaison between local towns and Rapport, a sustainability consulting firm based in Portland. With Rapport’s software, municipalities can easily track, display, and share accurate energy use and utility-specific emissions data. A user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for town leaders, employees, and residents to compare efficiency and performance data across their municipality and with other towns.

Each year, Mount Desert Island spends more than $75 million on energy - almost all of which is exported to out-of-state fossil fuel producers. 

ACTT will work with Rapport and towns to identify opportunities and select the best practices in energy efficiency, solar, and other clean energy sources. This will save money, reduce environmental impact, bring more jobs to the island, and send less money off-island for carbon-based fuels.