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2019 Sustainable MDI Business Pledge Program

Food and lodging businesses that pledge to implement or transition to at least 5 of the following 10 sustainable practices this season will be listed on our webpage, will benefit from our publicity campaign, and will be given door decals for display and digital logos to use on menus and social media. 

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1. WE PLEDGE to use reusable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils for all sit-down customers. *
2. WE PLEDGE to not use plastic straws, stirrers, picks, or Keurig pods and to use refillable containers for condiments like sugar, half & half, ketchup, syrup, & jam. If we’re a lodging business, we pledge to transition away from small plastic bottles of bath amenities to options like paper wrapped bar soap, refillable containers or dispensers, and programs like Clean the World that get unused soap and shampoo to people who need it. *
3. For to-go orders, WE PLEDGE to only use cups and containers that are certified compostable or widely recyclable (#1 or 2 plastic or aluminum), and we do our best to find and use non-plastic products, since compostable plastic doesn’t break down unless it’s industrially composted. We have a policy of asking customers if they need utensils, straws, or condiments before providing them, and we train staff to do this. *
4. WE PLEDGE to not sell packaged water. If we are a business that sells packaged beverages, we provide a water refill station or post signs offering to refill reusable bottles. *
5. WE PLEDGE to recycle all materials accepted for recycling by our town. If we sell beverages in returnable bottles or cans that are consumed in our business, we have well marked, well placed recycling bins to collect them. *
6. WE PLEDGE to recycle, sell or donate materials that our town does not accept for recycling, like frying oil (, packaging materials, printer cartridges, mattresses, furniture, appliances, rugs & flooring, and we collect hazardous waste like paint, mercury CFL bulbs, electronics, and batteries for our town’s hazardous waste disposal day. *
7. WE PLEDGE to do our best to reduce food waste and to compost waste food and compostable products that are used at our business. (Agri-cycle picks up compost for a reasonable fee and turns it into energy.) *
8. WE PLEDGE to track our energy use and take at least one action each year to reduce it, like an energy audit, staff training, LED conversion, motion sensing lights, adjusting thermostat settings, programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances, faucet aerators, air sealing, insulation, or installing air and hot water heat pumps, solar panels or solar EV charging stations. *
9. WE PLEDGE to take measures to source food sustainably, taking into consideration factors like growing practices, sustainable fisheries, animal welfare, fair labor practices, transport distance, and packaging. We provide good vegetarian and vegan options, since plant-based meals reduce climate impact. *
10. WE PLEDGE to use the least toxic products that meet regulations for cleaning, laundry, landscaping, renovations, bath amenities, etc. (We plan to compile a list of recommended products. If you have suggestions, please share them.) *