10/24/2018 European parliament approves sweeping ban on single-use plastics

10/08/2018 NOT POSITIVE Major Climate Report Describes a Strong Risk of Crisis as Early as 2040

9/10/2018 California approves goal for 100% carbon-free electricity by 2045

4/27/2018 Hawaii Aims for 100% Renewable Energy by 2045

9/10/2018 Fossil fuel dependence poses 'direct existential threat', warns UN

6/15/2018  EU Moves to Ban 10 Most Harmful Single-Use Plastics

6/15/2018  U.S. Cities Have Begun to Ban Plastic Straws

6/5/2018  Hitting toughest climate target will save world $30 trillion in damages, analysis shows

5/28/2018  E.U. Proposes Ban on Some Plastic Items to Reduce Marine Pollution

4/24/2018  Diet, Including Eating Less Beef, Dropped Americans' Carbon Emissions by 9%

3/1/2018   It'll Take $94 Billion for These Companies to Go 100% Green and tThey are Doing It

2/27/2018   More Than 100 Cities Now Mostly Powered by Renewable Energy

2/28/17  100 Cities Across the World Run On Renewable Energy

1/22/18   Switching to electric cars is key to fixing America's 'critically insufficient' climate policies

12/1/2017  Electric cars already cheaper to own and run than petrol or diesel – study

11/17/17   If we act on climate change now, the economic prize will be immense

10/17/17  Regreening the Planet Could Cut as Much Carbon as Halting Oil Use

9/1/17    Chile’s Energy Transformation Is Powered by Wind, Sun and Volcanoes

8/09/17  Maine Hospital to Install Solar Arrays

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7/18/17  A Brighter Future for Electric Cars and the Planet

6/21/17  World's biggest coal company in India closes 37 mines as solar power's influence grows

6/15/17  Renewable Energy Record Set in U.S. - National Geographic

Electric Cars and Solar Power Could Halt Fossil Fuel Growth by 2020

35 Years After Jimmy Carter's Solar Panels were removed from the White House, He Plants 3,800 Solar Panels on his Farm

Green Mountain Power Adds Solar Micro-grid and Saves Consumers Money

Solar Employs 374,000 People In U.S., Electricity Generation, More Than Oil, Coal And Gas Combined