Committee chairs: Ken Colburn (


The Public Policy committee works to identify and influence laws, regulations, and policies that positively and negatively impact ACTT’s overall mission and the specific projects of ACTT’s other five committees by:

  • Informing the public and giving voice to community concerns;
  • Collaborating with policymakers, stakeholders, and other organizations; and
  • Mobilizing forces to support ACTT’s goals.  


Recent advocacy work has included (1) submitting written testimony responding to the Maine Public Utility Commission’s proposed rule changes that discourage development of solar power, (2) filing formal comments to Acadia National Park’s proposals for alleviating traffic congestion in the park, and (3) publishing an open letter to Senator Susan Collins urging opposition to Scott Pruitt’s nomination as head of the Environmental Protection Agency. 

In public education efforts, the committee has produced “Here Comes the Sun,” a program on solar power, at three MDI locations this winter and is compiling information on low-cost financing options for solar installations to present in connection with Solarize MDI this spring.   

The committee is engaged in a substantial collaboration project with MDI’s four towns to incorporate in municipal ordinances best practices that will  streamline approval processes for solar installations and other renewable energy initiatives, encourage reduction of waste and expansion of recycling, and create uniformity of regulations among MDI’s communities.

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