Public Policy Success


Oct/Nov 2018: Planned and hosted two Visioning Meetings with over 30 energy experts and leaders including the Speaker of the House to craft a bold vision for clean energy in Maine

May 2018: Won a grant to develop statewide Solar Policy and hold a Solar Policy Summit with key legislative leaders, industry specialists, and government leaders

April 2017: Filed comments with the MPUC on LED streetlight conversion issues to support the work of island governments; attended State House hearing on Rep. Seth Berry’s solar bill

February 2017: Began collaborative work with ACTT Zero Waste Committee to examine best practices across towns and regions, research municipal codes, and track state legislation

Dec-Jan 2016-17: Presented Solar Energy on MDI programs in SWH, NEH and BH, attended by 150+ islanders

October 2016: Submitted formal comments to the Maine Public Utilities Commission opposing its proposed rule changes to net metering of solar power – providing a voice for MDI residents