2019 Business Pledge

Sustainable MDI is a growing group of Mount Desert Island businesses working together as part of A Climate to Thrive to protect our planet and future.  The businesses listed below are all doing or transitioning to at least 5 of these 10 actions to reduce their footprint as part of their long term sustainability visions.

  • We use reusable cups, plates, bowls, and utensils for all sit-down customers.  

  • We don’t use plastic straws, stirrers, picks, K-pods, or “silken” (nylon) teabags, and we use refillable containers for condiments like half & half, ketchup, syrup, & jam if we can.  If we’re a lodging business, we’re transitioning away from small plastic bottles of bath amenities to options like bar soap, refillable containers, and programs like Clean the World that get unused soap and shampoo to people who need it. Note: We recommend Aardvark paper straws, which do not get soggy, and, if possible, giving them only on request to offset the higher cost.

  • For to-go orders, we only use cups and containers that are certified compostable or widely recyclable (#1 or 2 plastic or aluminum), and we do our best to find and use plastic-free options, since compostable plastic doesn’t break down unless it’s industrially composted.  We coach staff to ask customers if they need utensils, straws, or condiments before providing them.

  • We don’t provide or sell packaged water.  If we are a lodging business or a kind of food business that generally carries packaged water, we will provide a water refill station(s) instead and/or post signs offering to refill reusable bottles.  

  • We recycle all materials accepted for recycling by our town.  If we sell beverages in returnable bottles or cans that are consumed in our business, we have well placed, well marked recycling bins to collect them.  

  • We recycle, sell or donate materials that our town does not accept for recycling, like frying oil (Baker Commodities and Maine Standard Biofuels), packaging materials, printer ink & toner cartridges, paint, furniture, appliances, electronics, mattresses, rugs & flooring, and we collect hazardous waste like mercury CFL bulbs, and batteries for our town’s hazardous waste disposal day. Info on local options.

  • We do our best to reduce food waste and we compost waste food and compostable products that are used at our business. Gott’s Disposal picks up and composts seafood waste, like lobster and crab shells. Agri-cycle picks up compost and turns it into energy: contact Maine Organics of D, M & J Waste in Ellsworth is working on a plan to pick up food waste and compostable products on MDI for commercial composting.

  • We track our energy use and take at least one action each year (small or large) to reduce it, like an energy audit, staff training, LED conversion, motion sensing lights, adjusting thermostat settings, programmable thermostats, energy efficient appliances, faucet aerators, air sealing, insulation, or installing air and hot water heat pumps, solar panels or solar EV charging stations.  A Climate to Thrive can help with audits and solar - contact

  • We take measures to source food sustainably, taking into consideration factors like growing practices, sustainable fisheries, animal welfare, fair labor practices, transport distance, and packaging.  We provide good vegetarian and vegan options, since plant-based meals reduce climate impact.

  • We use the least toxic products that meet regulations for cleaning, laundry, landscaping, renovations, bath amenities, etc. and use washable cleaning cloths.

… or contact Jill Higgins at 207-664-4040 for more information about joining SMDI

Sustainable MDI Businesses

Bar Harbor                       

A&B Naturals

A Slice of Eden

Acacia House Inn

Anne's White Columns Inn

The Annex by Side Street

Atlantic Brewing Company

Aysgarth Station B&B

Bar Harbor Catering Company

Bar Harbor Inn

Bar Harbor Villager Motel

Birch Bay Retirement Village

Black Friar Inn And Pub

Cafe This Way

Canterbury Cottage B&B

Choco-Latte Cafe

Cleftstone Manor

Coffee Matter

College of the Atlantic

C-Ray Lobster

The Criterion Theater

The Elmhurst Inn

Galyn's Restaurant


Hearthside Inn

Holbrook House B&B

The Independent Cafe

The Looking Glass Restaurant

MDI Hospital

MDI Regional School System

Mainely Meat Barbecue

Mid-town Burger

Mother's Kitchen

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream

Mount Dessert Bakery

Open Table MDI

Peekytoe Provisions

Reading Room Restaurant

Reel Pizza Cinerama

Royal Indian

Saltair Inn

Sassafrass Catering

Serendipity Resale Clothes

Shore Path Cottage

Side Street Cafe

Sweet Pea's Cafe

Terrace Grille Restaurant

Thirsty Whale Tavern

Thrive Juice Bar & Kitchen

Trailhead Cafe

West Street Cafe

Wind and Wine by the Sea

Southwest Harbor & Tremont

Ann’s Point Inn

Beal's Lobster Pier

The Birches B&B & Cottages

Brandon & Laura’s Cafe

Cafe Drydock & Inn

Coda Restaurant

Common Good Kitchen Cafe

Harbour Cottage Inn

Joey’s Place Sports Bar

Kingsleigh Inn

Lindenwood Inn

Maine-ly Delights II

Milagro Coffee & Espresso

Penury Hall B&B

Quietside Campground

Red Sky Restaurant

Rogue Cafe Restaurant

Silent City/Saint Dreux Coffee Shop


Thurston’s Lobster Pound

XYZ Restaurant

Northeast Harbor / Mount Desert

123 Main Street

Abel's Lobster Pound Restaurant

Asticou Inn & Restaurant

Beech Hill Farm & Farm Stand

Great Harbor Maritime Museum

The Colonel’s Restaurant and Bakery

The Coffee Shop Cafe in Seal Harbor

Jordan Pond House

Lighthouse Inn & Restaurant

Milk & Honey Kitchen 

Old Dog Baking Company

Little Cranberry Isle

Islesford Dock Restaurant

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