Alternative Energy

Committee Chair - Gary Friedmann,



The Alternative Energy committee is working to rapidly expand solar power through a Solarize MDI group purchase initiative, developing community solar farms, and educational outreach. Every year MDI spends $75+ million on energy – most of which is exported to out-of-state fossil fuel producers. MDI consumes 94,704 megawatt hours of electricity annually; photovoltaic panels put on every rooftop with good solar exposure could produce 85% of that peak load. A few hundred acres of solar panels could power the entire island. 


  • Work with partners like ReVision Energy, Emera and others to develop and enact an alternative energy plan for MDI

  • Support this plan with the development of community solar, bulk solar purchase opportunities, and other alternative energy projects

Current Projects

  • Bar Harbor Solar Farm

  • Launch Solarize MDI, a bulk solar purchase program that reduces costs to homeowners

  • Research and develop more community solar sites

  • Develop educational materials

Read the meeting notes from the launch event here: Solar Group Notes and Other Alternative Energies Notes.

Ask about joining the Alternative Energy Committee that meets monthly.