Solarize MDI 2017 Has Ended

Though the Solarize MDI program is over for this year, we appreciate your interest in Solarize MDI, a project aimed at making the switch to solar photovoltaics affordable through bulk purchasing and creative financing.

Please fill out this form so we can keep you informed of our next Solarize MDI and local solar events. Thank you.

Our goal is to develop a list of MDI homeowners and businesses interested in having solar photovoltaic panels installed to supplement and/or replace their electricity needs ...

  • As a rooftop installation
  • As a ground installation on their property or
  • As part of a community solar farm 

Please complete thIS form IF INTERESTED

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I want to have my home or business evaluated for solar.
If my rooftop or land is desirable, I would like to invest in making the switch to solar in 2017.
If my site is not desirable, I would like to invest in a community solar farm in 2017.
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