Building a Brighter Future: Stepping up to the Climate Change Challenge

Workshop Descriptions

People Powered Politics: A Green New Deal for Maine

Chloe Maxmin, Maine State Representative with Brian Hubbell, Maine State Representative

We need bold climate policy at the local, state, and national level to confront the climate crisis and protect our communities. What does this look like? How do we get there? What is happening here in Maine, and what can we do? Come join the discussion around people powered politics!

Next Steps For MDI in Eliminating Single-Use Plastic

Matt Prindiville, Executive Director of UPSTREAM

Matt Prindiville who leads a national non-profit "think/do tank" aimed at advancing sustainability, ending plastic pollution and reducing climate disruption through product-focused environmental policies will engage the audience in a discussion of innovative solutions to plastic pollution. He’ll share his experiences on how to bring people together to transform our throw-away society to a culture of stewardship. Let’s envision an island, a community, and a world without plastic pollution and empower our businesses, communities and people to imagine and co-create this future with them.

Parenting and Climate Change

Johannah Blackman, Board Member, A Climate to Thrive

Johannah Blackman has long been involved in climate change activism, with a particular interest in the psychological aspects of the topic, driven by her master’s work in counseling psychology. Her thinking, feeling and acting on climate change were elevated to a new level with the birth of her first child. Since then, she has been contemplating, researching and living a most critical question for our time: how do we raise today’s children to be conscious, empowered, joyous citizens of a world with climate change? This spring, Johannah is transforming her work on this topic into the launch of a new project: Parenting and Climate Change, A Conversation. This workshop will explore some of the findings of her research, with the second half of the workshop focused on a discussion with those present.

Solar Energy To Power and Heat Your Home or Business

Chuck Piper and Danny Piper, Sundog Solar; Andrea Russell, College of the Atlantic Community Energy Center

Learn how you can incorporate solar energy into your home or business. Topics of discussion will include solar electric systems, solar hot water, and heat pumps. College of the Atlantic’s ‘Solar for Businesses and Farms’ project, supported by a grant from the USDA Renewable Energy Development Assistance program, also provides information about special financing and tax incentives available to businesses and agricultural producers.

Driving Electric in Maine

Barry Woods, Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation, ReVision Energy

Come discuss the current status of EVs and their infrastructure in Maine, and benefits of driving electric vehicles. This workshop includes a summary of next-generation battery electric vehicles, and those benefits that would be most interesting to consumers.

Don’t Start at Square 1! Tips, Lessons Learned and Support for Getting Sustainability Projects Underway in YOUR Town/Region

Elaine Eaton and Julie Meltzer, members of the ACTT Energy Subcommittee

Those just getting sustainability efforts underway will not want to miss this practical workshop! Presenters will share key components and lessons learned thus far from the work of A Climate to Thrive. Participants will get useful resources and a self-assessment tool and will have time to ask questions and plan next steps for their towns or organizations.

Delicious Plant-Rich Local Food Meals for a Healthy Planet

Amanda Kendall and Tasha Higgins, Members Sustainable MDI Restaurant, Cafe & Caterer Pledge

Join Tasha Higgins of Mother's Kitchen and Amanda Kendall of Sassafrass Catering to share ideas for bringing more delicious, plant-rich and locally/ sustainably sourced food into your diet.  This is not only a boon to health and the local economy, but it's one of the most effective steps individuals can take to reduce our carbon footprints.  We will share recipes for each season and how you can find the ingredients you need here on MDI.