ACTT Summit: Powering Our Future

Workshop Descriptions


Transforming Century Old Energy Delivery Systems to Community Based Models - Q & A

Josh Castonguay, Vice President, Chief Innovation Executive, Green Mountain Power

At Green Mountain Power in Vermont we are focused on transitioning the energy delivery system to one that is home, business and community based relying on many distributed resources vs. fewer large scale resources with large transmission lines.  We'll discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead of us and the importance of making this transition. 

Weatherize MDI:  Warmth, Cost Savings, and Climate Friendly Solutions

Mark Burnett, New England Energy Consulting

Want a home that's more comfortable in winter and summer? A Climate to Thrive's new project seeks to weatherize at least 75 homes on MDI with a 10% discount on energy assessments, air sealing, insulation, and heat pumps on top of big rebates up to $2,100 on insulation. Find out how you can can reduce your home energy bills by 40% or more and help us spread this program to islanders who need it the most.

Connection, Compassion, and Communion with the Earth

John Craigo, ACTT Board of Directors

We've been warned for decades that we are destroying our ecosystem but in large part, not much has changed. For our behaviors to change requires first a change in thinking about our very way of being. Looking at the writings of the likes of Thomas Berry, David Fleming, Joanna Macy, Thich Nhat Hanh, Terry Tempest Williams, Charles Eisenstein, Sandra Ingerman, and Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, we'll explore this shift in consciousness required to move away from a separate human exceptionalism toward the rediscovery of our sacred nature in one with the planet, our place as part of the whole.

Engaging Hearts, Changing Minds, Inspiring Action: Applying Climate Psychology to Create Positive Change

Dennis Kiley, President, EcoPsychology Initiative, ACTT Board of Directors

This workshop will share the key insights of climate psychology so people know how best to enact meaningful and substantive environmental change. Understanding the ways people think, act and feel enables us to plan our actions to be most successful. This program will highlight the important information everyone should know.

Food, Climate Change and Regional Composting

Jill Higgins, ACTT, Yaniv Korman, COA, and Hannah Semler, Healthy Acadia

Over 40% of carbon emissions come from the production and distribution of food - and our choices of what we eat and where we source our food makes a difference. We'll share what ACTT and Healthy Acadia have been doing in this area, including the new FarmDrop/ Winter Farmstand partnership, the Gleaning Initiative to reduce food waste, and possibilities for regional composting.  Help us brainstorm and plan next steps for making our regional food system more sustainable.   

Help Set Up Our New Community Outreach Program: 'The 10% Challenge’

Glenon Friedmann, ACTT Board of Directors, Farmer, Bar Harbor Community Farm

Can 10% of MDI residents reduce their energy consumption by 10% in 2018? Give us your ideas about how ACTT can best implement this sustainable living program. (And don't forget to take the Challenge yourself.)

MDI's Path to 100% Solar Energy

Gary Friedmann/Chair, ACTT Board of Directors and Vice Chair, Bar Harbor Town Council

What would energy independence actually look like?  In this workshop we will examine MDI's annual energy consumption and explore what it would take to generate this from the sun: rooftops; large-scale ground-mounts; a smart grid and reinventing fire through dramatic energy efficiencies.  Residents interested in working together to make this transition are invited to learn more and find a level of engagement that works for them.

Rethinking Plastics - How can individuals and communities reduce plastic waste? 

Carey Donovan and Ted Koffman, ACTT Zero Waste Committee and Anita King, Ban the Bag in Belfast

Plastics are inexpensive and extremely versatile, but they also harm our environment and last for hundreds of years. In the past ten years, we have produced more plastic than during the whole of the 20th century!  Much of it ends up in the ocean. Come join us for a discussion about the problem of plastic and what we all can do to reduce plastic waste.  A guest panel from Ban the Bag in Belfast (BBB) will tell us about their successful effort to ban single use plastic bags and styrofoam take-out containers in their community.

Driving Electric in Maine

Barry Woods, Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation, ReVision Energy

Come discuss the benefits of driving electric and the current status of EVs and infrastructure in Maine. I will provide a quick summary of the next generation battery electric vehicles, look at the benefits most interesting to consumers, and share how Maine is doing with deployment of EVs and supporting infrastructure.   

Mount Desert Sustainability Committee - a Local Government Volunteer Initiative

Gordon Beck and Phil Lichtenstein, Mount Desert Sustainability Committee

Formed as a volunteer Advisory Committee to the Town of Mount Desert, the Sustainability Committee generates recommendations for a variety of sustainability projects.  We'll share our history, process, challenges, and success stories as citizen change agents. Among our accomplishments are streetlight conversion to LEDs, a solar power array for the Public Works garage, electric vehicle charging stations, solid waste ordinance, recycling, energy benchmarking, and more. We meet monthly to develop and promote sustainable practices and network with other entities on MDI and elsewhere.

Solar Energy for Your Home

Chuck Piper, Sundog Solar

Learn how you can incorporate solar energy into your home.  Topics of discussion will be solar electric systems and solar hot water.

Solar Energy Storage for MDI

Hans Albee, PE Engineer, ReVision Energy

Renewable energy sources are poised to replace fossil fuels.  Energy storage will be a key part of the clean energy revolution. Learn how energy storage through new battery technology can make the grid more stable, reliable, and resilient.

Solar Opportunity for Businesses and Farms

Andrea Russell, College of the Atlantic Sustainability Coordinator and Community Energy Center Program Manager

Supported by a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture Renewable Energy Development Assistance program, the College of the Atlantic Solar for Businesses and Farms project provides free solar energy assessments for Hancock County businesses and agricultural producers. Each participating business or farm receives a free analysis and report describing their potential for solar power generation, as well as information on potential funding mechanisms.