New Sustainable Food Business Pledge Program

ACTT restaurant meeting, RPS.jpg

On April 25th, twenty-five owners & staff members of MDI restaurants, cafes, take-outs & catering companies …

... came together with A Climate to Thrive (ACTT) at Havana.  Our quest was to find effective, practical and economical ways to tackle the growing environmental and health crisis of single-use plastic waste.

We’ve developed a simple local pledge program about reducing plastic and styrofoam for the upcoming season.  Food businesses that commit to adopt at least 3 of the 6 sustainable practices in the pledge (as soon as old supplies run out) will get decals to display and will be listed in our publicity campaign.  

The pledge is open to any business on or around MDI that sells prepared food - including markets that sell food and/or drinks to go. The pledge form includes some helpful info from our resource sharing and research.  

You can check out and take the pledge here.

We’re also working out group discounts on compostable products and industrial composting services. Without the high heat reached in industrial composting facilities, food-based compostable plastics cannot biodegrade and are no better than regular plastic in the ocean or landfills.  

Please consider joining us and help us spread the word!

For more info, contact Jill Higgins, ACTT Co-Coordinator  207-664-4040