TAKE Citizen Action on Clean Energy and Climate Change Issues

We urge you to contact your elected officials to let them know your views:

Bar Harbor and Mount Desert
Senator Louis Luchini
Rep. Brian Hubbell

Southwest Harbor and Tremont
Senator Louis Luchini
Rep. Walter Kumiega

Governor Janet Mills

United States
Senator Susan Collins
Senator Angus King
U.S Representative Jared Golden
President Donald Trump


Influencing Future Legislation on the Environment

The best way to influence Maine legislation is by submitting testimony when it is being proposed - long before it goes to a vote. The Joint Standing Committee on Environment and Natural Resources (ENRC) welcomes compelling, well thought out citizen testimony including good stories during a public hearing on a proposed bill. If you cannot travel to Augusta to testify, testimony may be submitted electronically.

How to take action:

  1. Click here to see current ENRC hearings or committee work sessions on new bills.

  2. Under Legislative Documents, click on the bill you want.

  3. On the upper left, click Text and Disposition. Open the PDF to read the summary or the full bill.

  4. In the Search column on the left side, you can click on Testimony to see what other groups or individuals have submitted.

  5. Send your testimony to the ENRC clerk, Steven Langlin's email and ask that it be entered into the record for the public hearing.