Committee Chair - Dennis Kiley,


The Transportation committee focuses on enhancing sustainable, low-energy transportation for MDI. We promote awareness of resources already available, developing new initiatives, and changing mentalities and behaviors about how we travel. Our projects include growing the island’s electric vehicle infrastructure, reducing the number of gas miles accounted for by year-round residents, creating a robust culture of ride sharing and car pooling, and promoting bike culture, access, and resources.


  • Reduce the number of gas miles accounted for by our year-round residents.
  • Enhance resources for year-round public transportation.
  • Create a robust culture of ride sharing and car pooling.
  • Promote bike culture, access and resources.
  • Change people’s perceptions and attitudes about driving their cars and using public transportation.
  • Work with businesses and local organizations on transportation issues and projects.
  • Grow the electric vehicle footprint on the Island through bulk purchases/leases of EV’s and developing greater infrastructure (ex.charging stations).
  • Decrease the number of gas miles that visitors account for coming to MDI and use while on the Island.


  • Grow the users of the ride/car sharing resource
  • Support and work with COA to create an EV purchase/lease program as well as increased charging stations
  • Publicize the public transportation resources already available
  • Educate people on the importance of reducing their transportation carbon footprint, most notably through their use of their cars - this amounts to a psychological and cultural shift
  •  Support the park and other organizations who seek to improve transportation in the area

Read the Transportation Group's notes from the launch event here. 

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