Committee Chair - Ted Koffman,


The ZERO WASTE committee is working to reduce waste of resources on MDI, specifically through the reduction and diversion of disposed materials. We aim to incorporate upstream strategies to save citizens money, reduce environmental impact, and improve the local economy. Disposal costs total about 5% of a town’s annual expenses, and the committee is intent on helping towns rethink of discarded materials as resources. Committee projects involve bulk buying of compost bins, collecting data on current methods of disposal, and public presentations on disposal reduction.


  • Educate ourselves on solid waste issues
  • Collect data on how much waste is generated on MDI, how it is managed and and how much it costs our municipalities to deal with it.
  • Raise public awareness and participation regarding responsible solid waste management.
  • Increase recycling rates in all four towns.

Current Projects

  • Sold 20 compost bins to local families
  • Hosted an information session on Pay as You Throw prior to the Bar Harbor vote
  • Forming connections with the town governments who are responsible for managing solid waste 
  • Publicizing Hazardous Waste Collection Day on Sept. 24th
  • Develop educational material

Read the Zero Waste Group's meeting notes from the launch event here.

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