A Climate to Thrive Summer Internship Program

A Climate to Thrive is offering five 8-week internships to MDI High School students entering their Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year and MDI High School graduates entering or now in college. The interns will advance ongoing ACTT energy and sustainability projects by meaningfully engaging the MDI community with the support of ACTT Project Mentors.


Empower young adults to engage with their communities on developing creative solutions to climate change and help people and towns take positive steps toward reducing their impact on the environment.

Provide an exciting work experience where students can develop leadership skills in community organizing, communication, problem-solving, and teamwork.

Reduce carbon emissions and single-use plastics on Mount Desert Island.

Strengthen ties between MDI High School and A Climate to Thrive.

High School Interns:

Receive a $600 stipend thanks to generous funding from the Lynam Trust

Work 10-20 hours per week for eight weeks from June 17 through August 9 to design public relations materials and implement community engagement strategies to ...

Advance one or more ACTT projects on solar energy, energy efficiency, reducing single-use plastics, expanding Sustainable MDI to more restaurants and into lodging, promoting electric vehicles, organizing state-wide youth action on climate change policy, etc.

Internship Projects Benefit the Mount Desert Island Community

1. They give hope to young people who often feel powerless in confronting a problem as big as climate change. Demonstrating the benefits of practical action steps helps avoid partisan debates and shows the island community that by working together, each of us can make a difference and help change the world.

2. A Climate to Thrive aims to protect some of the most important things we love about MDI: its clean air and water, its coastline and fisheries, the natural splendor of its forests, meadows and wildlife. All these are threatened by the warming of our oceans and atmosphere, increasingly severe weather, and overuse of single-use plastics.

3. Investing in clean energy means investing in our own communities and taking charge of our own energy future. Instead of continuing to subsidize the fossil fuel industry, we invest in schools that use less energy, and solar panels on our roofs – creating local jobs, stronger communities, and a more stable climate.

The A Climate to Thrive Summer Internship Program is in its third year of growth. Each year we inspire more young people to make bigger ripples of change, the impact of which we can only begin to imagine.

For more info, contact Joe Blotnick at joe@aclimatetothrive.org 207-266-5590

Application Deadline: Monday, April 29, 2019