The 2018 ACTT Summit: Powering Our Future, at Mount Desert Island High School on January 28 was an inspiration for over 280 people from MDI and the coastal region. Led by over 20 knowledgeable presenters who are taking charge of our energy future and leading climate change action, we shared success stories, confronted challenges, and left feeling hopeful!

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Josh Castonguay, VP of Innovation for Green Mountain Power, Calls for transforming our century old energy grid

Josh kicked off the 2018 ACTT Summit with a compelling case for moving away from large, centralized, fossil fuel and nuclear power plants to decentralized power that places renewable energy production close to the customer. Green Mountain Power is already applying futuristic and  innovative energy solutions from solar to Tesla batteries, to electric vehicles, and smart monitoring technology that reduce energy use, carbon emissions, and costs ... while making energy delivery more safe and reliable.


Rethinking Plastics program highlights growing crisis of plastics

Madelyn Woods, Marine Research Coordinator, Marine and Environmental Research Institute discussed the results of micro-plastics sampling in Blue Hill Bay and the sources, fate, and impact of plastics on human health and the food chain to a packed audience at Southwest Harbor Library on January 9. She stressed that plastics, which never breakdown, (only get smaller) are in our air, water, food, and bodies posing very serious health threats.

Carey Donovan of the Zero Waste Committee explained why single use plastic packaging, a problem we can no longer avoid since it makes up a quarter of the 8 million tons of plastic waste that flows into our oceans each year. are a useful area of focus for local action. 

Weatherize Now for Energy Savings and Comfort

Through Weatherize MDI, New England Energy Consulting will provide free energy consultations and a 10% discount on air sealing, insulation, and energy efficient heating units and water heaters. 

Big rebates and low interest financing through Efficiency Maine means big savings. Families who receive heating assistance or live in mobile homes can get even greater rebates -- up to 95% !!

Come to our Weatherize MDI programs in your town:

  • Feb 20 Southwest Harbor
  • Feb 22 Bar Harbor
  • Mar 1    Tremont
  • Mar 6    Northeast Harbor

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A Climate to Thrive is a nonprofit organization committed to achieving energy independence by 2030 . We are Mount Desert Island residents, businesses, and municipalities working together to make our community a model of environmental sustainability and economic vitality. Help us create a positive future for MDI by helping us promote clean energy, improve efficiency, reinvent local food systems, develop climate-friendly transportation, move toward zero waste, and influence public policy. 

Get Involved!  Join one of our ongoing projects to help make real progress toward a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Doubling Solar Capacity in 2018 and 2019 through Grid Scale Solar Photovoltaics

Our volunteer team is investigating suitable sites on MDI that can support a large solar PV array with minimal impact on the environment, the community, and scenery. Grid-scale solar will increase our energy security, reduce the export of energy dollars off-island, and support our local economy. Join us.


Click on the map above to see the locations that collectively doubled our solar energy generating capacity since this past April when we launched our Solarize MDI campaign with ReVision Energy. MDI had a total installed capacity of 646 kW of solar photovoltaics then. We now have 643 kW more! And ACTT has plans to double that again each year in 2018 and 2019.


Mini-Grants for Climate Change Service Learning Projects

Thanks to a grant from the Fisher Foundation, grants of $50-250 will be offered to support student and teacher initiated service learning projects that address climate change and sustainability issues, increase environmental literacy, and empower students to take action. Applications available here online.



Many MDI businesses are working hard to reduce fossil fuel use, add solar energy, eliminate disposable plastics, and/or use local and sustainably grown food. Read about what Peekytoe Provisions, Galyn’s Restaurant, Old Dog Baking Company, West Street Cafe, Thrive Juice Bar and more businesses are doing ...


Local Couple Offers $25,000 Challenge Pledge to A Climate to Thrive

A local couple who grew up on MDI have made a five-year, $25,000 matching pledge to A Climate to Thrive which would be the largest tax-deductible gift in our 20-month existence. "We enthusiastically support the mission of ACTT and envision its expansion to communities across the State." 

Our projects featured above and below ...

will create jobs, preserve the beauty of this island, and establish MDI as a resource and leader for communities around the world.

  • Solarize MDI - Celebrating our success in November!
  • Municipal Energy Benchmarking
  • Expanding Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • Winter FarmDrop with Healthy Acadia
  • Youth Community Catalysts with MDI Schools 
  • Plastics in the Ocean Education
  • Best Sustainable Business Practices

Do you enjoy passionate discussions about clean energy, local food systems, zero waste, public policy, new transportation? Get involved in one of our exciting projects that arose from our six committees. Join us to help create the future that you envision for your family, your grandchildren, and future generations.

Contact us at to find out how you can help us or click here to see how you can reduce your carbon footprint.

“I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy.  What a source of power!  I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.” - Thomas Edison (1931)